Welcome to Potsdam! 

With this „Intercultural City Map“ we like to offer the possibility to find your way in Potsdam.
We like to show places to all people from different countries , cultures and regions, where they can find counselling, information, culture and integrati- on. For that reason we listed venues, intercultural projects, private and public institutions, who may help you!

New is a summary of the shared accommodations and updated language classes.

If you want to find palces where you can learn lan- guages, get help for your apprenticeship, meet compatriots or get information, check first the key and then the symbols at the map closely. Everywhere in this city are people who like to wel- come you and offer help to find your way in a fo- reign place. Potsdam is a open, integrative city and therefor we campaign.

Please inform us about changed adresses and contacts. Also new organizations, who fit in the idea of intercultural exchange.
Please check our Homepage, where you can find more informations to projects and actions for and with refugees: www.projekthaus-potsdam.de

We look forward to meet you and hope you will feel comfortable here!

Projecthouse Potsdam